United Kingdom

Hunters Sleets, Pennines, North Yorkshire
Vase planted by Mary Swale, October 3, 2000

“At the top point, where you can see the land fall away to both the east and wet, right on the spine of Britain is this massive earthen dike, made by people in a time already ancient when the Vikings used it to mark the Ridings of Yorkshire around 800 AD.  It is said that the Dike was built as a place to fight the invading Romans two thousand years ago, but they never came this way so that battle was averted.

Roads come together from five directions at this high point (500 metros).  The feeling is strong here of a place where people down the centuries have met and parted, paused to look back, forward to move on towards England.   Here also is an even older burial mound, built to honor someone special.  I felt the ancestors there as I planted the vase and sang mantras into the fierce wind, with clouds rolling about and peewits flapping and calling in their courtship flights.  It felt like the ancestors of these lands as well as the earth itself were welcoming Guru Rinpoche from afar, so as to anchor this place with dharma.  I thought of what Sogyal Rinpoche had said, that the coming of dharma to the west may well bring back the saints of the west too.  Quondam dharma future!”  (Mary Swale)