near Tul-Karem, West Bank
Vase planted by Muhammad and Fatme Amarane, Tami Shelef and Liora Preis, March 15, 2013

“On Friday, March 15 2013,  Tami Shelef and I , both members of the Dharma Friends of Israel, traveled to the house of Muhammad and Fatma Amarane , who live in a village called Qaffin, in the West Bank.   Mostly Palestinians live there, but it is governed by the Israeli authorities.  Tami knows Muhammad’s family because she is working as a volunteer in an organization that tries to help the Palestinians.

Muhammad was happy to take part in the beautiful project for peace, and offered to put the vase in his young olive field.   Still, this was kept secret.  Only his wife Fatme knew about this.  Tami and I drove to the check point, where Muhammad kindly waited for us and then we drove to his house in the village. There, we had some coffee, and chatted with family members.   After sometime, the three of us drove to the field. We sat under a mimosa tree, talked about our wishes for peace and the happiness of all. Tami and I took refuge and bodhichitta, and Muhammad said his own prayer.  We buried the vase, read a paragraph from the dedication chapter of the great Shantideva, and drove back to Muhammad’s home, where we had a beautiful lunch with the family.   Sometime later, Muhammad accompanied us back to the check point, not before loading us with goodies that his wife Fatma had made.

We drove home safely, happy for doing something that might bring peace to our problematic area.   So nice to meet “the other side” of the conflict and to feel the mutual love as human beings.”   (Liora Preis)