Asuncion, San Lorenzo & Villa Hayes
Vases planted by Fernando Mader Gisi , June 2015

“After walking all afternoon looking for a place to plant a vase in Asunción, looking at the map, I ended up closer to San Lorenzo. Though San Lorenzo is another city, it is in the metropolitan region of Asunción. So after buying a shovel, I found a large empty plot of land not far from a bus terminal and planted it there.

After a lot of walking in Asunción with a shovel – a kind of funny thing to do in a city – I figured that the best place to plant the vase would be the Botanical park, contiguous to where their zoo is. This is the largest green area in the city and seemed like the only place where I could bury the vase and go unnoticed. I got off the bus at a distant end to the entrance of the park, so I asked someone how to get in and the guy pointed at a light post and said jokingly that behind it there was a “secret entrance”, so I didn’t have to walk all around to get in. Passing through this gap in the fence, there was plenty of space to plant the vase under the trees. As usual, after reading the 8 Auspicious Verses I dedicated the merit. For some reason I really felt good after this.

Then, I got a bus to Villa Hayes from Asunción. It is quite a small village, so I almost missed it since it was dark already. Walking around, I chose a plot close to a monument, passed under the wires of a fence, hoping no one would notice. Then I realized it was a chaco, almost a swamp, but since my shoes were already wet I decided to continue anyway. Then the neighbours dogs started barking at me, and one big furry dog staring at me got me thinking, “How could I explain if people asked what I was doing there – a stranger digging at night with a yellow vase?”  But I stayed still for a while and the dog left. So I planted the vase and recited auspicious verses.”