Vase planted by Vicki Noble’s women’s group, May 16, 2006

“Nazca is the home of to the pre-Incan culture (1-800 CE) where some of the worlds most intricate textiles and shamanistic burial rituals were created.  Unfortunately over the years, the cemeteries and burial grounds have been looted and there has been a blatant disregard for the sanctity of these ancestors.  This is the reason we chose to bury the peace vase here.

Nazca is the site of the famous mysterious ‘Nazca Lines’ laid out on the desert floor over 1,000 years ago, perhaps as an astrological calendar or zodiac.  The town of Nazca itself is a scene of utter ecological desolation.  No rain falls here.  The people are desperately poor and the town feels almost dangerous.

Our Peruvian guide took us to Chauchilla cemetery where the main Paracas burials have been found.  We visited the tombs and then wandered across the sand dunes collecting bones and skulls for our altar under a special tree we chose for our ceremony.    At one point a huge whirlwind arose encircling us, blowing sand.  Then the wind stopped as quickly as it had started.  The we began to dig, each women taking turns.  One woman had found a whole skull which we decided to bury with the vase.”