Tirgu Mures
Vase planted by Jakó Snr, Éva Hargitai, Eszter Jakó, János Jakó Jnr on October 30th, 2016

On 30 of October there were special local ceremonies in which we participated. They light fires around the historical border of Székelyland on top of the mountains to express and confirm their struggle regarding autonomy.

On the day of this special fire ceremony we placed the vase in the river Mures 10km away from Marosvasarhely, on a very peaceful place, where the channel Nyarad runs into the river. The vase was encapsulated into a water resistant cement block to make sure it is heavy enough to stay on the bottom of river. After the placing, we participated on the fire ceremony on Harghita montain in Farkaslaka. It was an unforgettable and strong experience.

We hope that the vase can help the szekely people to safe their beautiful soul and help them to get the autonomy.

TirguMures (Marosvasarhely) is the cultural and political center of Székely Land (Hungarian: Székelyföld, Romanian: Ținutul Secuiesc, German: Szeklerland; Latin: Terra Siculorum). It is a historic and ethnographic area in Romania, a part of Transylvania, inhabited mainly by Hungarians.