Bucureşti, Roşia Montana in Alba and Targoviste
Vases planted by Raluca-Elena Anghel, Bogdan Brăescu and others, September thru November, 2014

“When I saw that Romania did not have any vases placed yet on the map, I decided to plant three.  The first vase was planted in the capital, Bucharest.  I took advantage of the presence of a Jonang Tibetan master, Khentrul Rinpoche of the Tibetan Rime Institute in Belgrave, Australia, who was in town for Kalachakra teachings, and asked him to conduct a ceremony for the planting of the peace vase.

The second peace vase was planted in Roşia Montana which has been a hot issue due to a project that, if implemented, would endanger the ecological system, equally affecting archeological sites and people’s lives. If the mining project is approved, it would become Europe’s largest open-pit gold mine, using a gold cyanidation technique on a large area, including four mountains, which would be turned into a desert.  Also, a number of archeological sites would be destroyed, including large parts of the well-preserved 2000-year-old Roman mine galleries.

The third peace vase was planted in Targoviste, the town where I was born.  Former capital of the country, it is famous because some national leaders were executed here, including the last Communist president, dictator N. Ceauşescu, in 1989.  The vase was planted in the vicinity of an orthodox monastery, built in 1500, where books were printed for the first time in Romania.”