Kyzyl, Tuva, Siberia
Vase planted by Lyn Roberts-Herrick and Bill Pfeiffer, June, 2000

“Shamanism and Buddhism are the main spiritual forces in Tuva.  As part of Siberia, it was invaded by the Soviets and during the occupation, all 35 Buddhist temples were destroyed as were many of Tuva’s spiritual leaders.   We decided to bury the peace vase on the grounds of the newly constructed Tibetan Buddhist temple, which is within walking distance of the old KGB headquarters.  It is also near the Yenosay, a robust river flowing from northern Siberia to the Arctic Circle.

Lyn Roberts-Herrick is a Naropa University graduate and student of Chogyam Trungpa and a representative of Dream Change Coalition (DCC), that works with shaman and spiritual elders from Latin America as part of an effort to apply indigenous wisdom to sustainability globally.  Bill Pfeiffer is the director of Sacred Earth Network, (SEN) whose work includes collaborations with ecologists in the former Soviet Union to encourage our restructuring the relationship to the Earth in defense of the biosphere.