Sri Lanka

Duhinda Falls, Badulla
Vase planted by Isabelle Jacobs and Alfons Schneiderlaan, Aug. 9, 2015

“This vase was planted at Duhinda Falls which is one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful waterfalls.   It is 64 metres (210 ft) high and gets its name from the smoky dew drops spray, (‘Dun in sinhala’ means mist or smoke) which surrounds the area at the foot of the waterfall. The waterfall is created by the river called Badulu Oya which goes through the Badulla town.  To reach the waterfall, you have to walk more than 1 km along a foot path in the local jungle. Initially I was walking alone, so I was scared but in the end there were some people coming up and down so I felt more safe. Along the foot path, there are also quite a few native vendeors selling drinks. At the end of the path, there is a secure platform constructed for viewers to see the waterfall. To drop the vase however, I had to crawl down the mountain up to the basin of the waterfall. Once there, I crawled upon a rock and waited for the people who were watching the waterfall from the upper stage to be gone. When the vase was thrown in, there was only one local family bathing in a puddle behind the rock behind me. They did not see me throw the vase.  A happy coincidence: this vase was the last one to be planted in Sri Lanka and it just happened to be Dakini Day, which I only noticed after the planting.”