Sri Lanka

Vase planted by Minette Lee Mangahas, March 1, 2012

“Sigiriya is quite possibly one of the most breathtaking monuments in Sri Lanka. It is also under high security and expensive to get into ($35 for foreigners), being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to thousands of years worth of royal, military and monastic art, architecture, and glory. I was awed by the rock paintings of mysterious maidens (goddesses?), still extant after hundreds of years exposed to the elements on the side of the giant rock.

It is swamped by hundreds of vendors and thousands of tourists every day. And the staff manicure the grounds meticulously. Needless to say, as much as we would have loved to bury the Peace Vase at the top of the rock fortress, this was impossible. So we settled for its surrounding moat.

Venerable Ananda Manjusri Balangoda chose a spot that would attract the least attention in broad daylight. We did some prayers, and he chucked the Peace Vase, encased in solid concrete, into the center of the moat. Unlike the royal pool at the top of the rock, which is sometimes drained and cleaned, the moat has crocodiles. So chances are, no one will be disturbing this vase for a very long time.”

Sarva Mangalam