St. Vincent and the Grenadines

La Soufriere Volcano
Vase planted by Lesley Ann Patten and Crane Stookey, March 24, 2001

“It was election time in the Grenadines, so there were slogans painted on every wall of the village.  Our driver told us the biggest issue was whether or not the local people would be able to maintain their banana fields or if they’d be forced to sell out to large corporations.  As we drove along to the volcano, we passed a coastal town decimated by a decline in sugar cane production.

We shouldered our backpacks and began our 4 hour hike, through whispery like bamboo forest.  At the neck of the volcano, it was cool and misty, the mountains tops lost in fog.  When we got to the top, we could see smoke from the ash cone, which was truly immense.  We were told that the locals fear another volcanic eruption which would destroy the entire island.  We planted the vase on the side of the volcano.”