Magaguga Dam and Hlale National Park
Vases planted by Andre and Lynetia Botha and Macaley Germishuizen, December 2013

“We recently went to Swaziland to plant Peace vases.  The team consisted of my wife, our daughter and myself.  We spent three days over two nights in the Kingdom of Swaziland.  The plan was to plant three vases, one per day but on the third day it was raining and going into the mountains would have been difficult.  We already had a flat tire on the second day that we fixed on the morning of the third.  And the wet dirt roads was becoming impossible to use.

The first vase we planted was close to a dam that forms part of the Nkomati water basin project, a collaboration between South Africa and Swaziland to provide a water, jobs and alleviate poverty in the region.    It was a misty rainy day with a slight drizzle as we passed effortlessly through the Oshoek border post where we crossed from South Africa into Swaziland.  We took the MR1 towards Piggs Peak from where we took the MR32 towards the massive body of water of the Naguga dam and Nkomazi River.  We found the perfect location on a hill located to the left of the road and just before the dam.  Here we planted the peace vase beneath a tree. The location overlooks a main road, onto rolling hills, the Maguga dam with a perfect view of the dam wall, and the Nkomazi river.

The second vase we planted was in Hlane National Park in the endangered species camp.  At the gate we saw a massive wall of wire snares used to poach animals in the park.  These were all removed from the park.  We felt this region was ideal to plant a vase, especially with the poaching problems and the small population of Rhino in the park.   We proceeded to the Bhubesi Endangered Species camp. The bush is thick and green here and this camp is situated on the banks of the Mbuluzane River.   We planted the peace vase on the outskirts of the camp under a tree in the ground. The direct surroundings is two typical dirt roads, camp huts made from rock, the river and vast bush.”  (Andre Botha)