Goreme Valley
The idea of planting the last remaining Israeli Peace Vase in Goereme Valley originated when an urgent announcement on Facebook was published looking for Peace Vase planters in Turkey. My parents, Doris and Heinz Wiesner, arrived from Switzerland and my daughter Dana from Israel and I, three generations and several religions, met in Turkey, during September of 2015.

Every day we explored together these magical valleys under the guidance of my father, who was there several times before. The peace vase was always with me, while I was looking for the perfect place. Being there at the time of the equinox, on September 23rd, we four held the vase in our hands and I guided a short meditation based on the Bodhisattva

Two days later I found the perfect place in the Love Valley, Baglidere Vadisi. Since I had to pass some thorny places, off the beaten tracks and also some climbing was included, I went there alone and found a beautiful cave. Meditation, gratefulness, joy, some digging – mission accomplished!

The photos of the hot air balloons were taken on the early morning of September 28th. During the full moon eclipse the hot air balloons, looked like colored bubbles of joy in the sky.