Vase planted by Auser Muhamadi and Kimberley McClean, June 16, 2015

“Entebbe is a populous place on the shores of Lake Victoria. Therefore, on surveying the area, we realized that it would not be possible to bury the vase without being seen by others, or to bury it in a place that would definitely not be disturbed in the future. Therefore, we sought to find a suitable private property on which to bury the vase. We found that the Uganda Buddhist Centre, a Theravada centre, was located in Garuga village in Entebbe. The director of the centre, a Ugandan monk, Venerable Buddharakkhita, welcomed our request to plant a vase on their property.

A novice monk, Oliver Biralo, and resident nun, Dhamamakami, of the Uganda Buddhist Centre, participated in burying the vase behind the temple at the Centre. The members of the Centre selected a suitable site for burying the vase in consultation with Auser. After a one metre hole was dug, the members, Auser and I gathered around the hole. Oliver said prayers and then lowered the vase inside the hole, and buried it. We also made offerings in the temple.”