Banda Island, Lake Victoria
Vase planted by Sam Littlefair Wallace, November 2009

“A friend and I ended up on this tiny place called Banda Island, working as managers of a backpacker’s beach resort in Uganda (duties included hosting other backpackers, walking dogs, and tending to the pineapple orchard occasionally). We ended up in these extremely fortunate circumstances largely under the direction of my wish to plant the peace vase in Lake Vic. With a few days left in our employment on Banda Island, we mixed some cement, placed the vase in an empty paint can with some personal effects, and then paddled offshore about a hundred meters, and a good friend of mine dropped the vase in the water. The attendees included a fellow backpacker named Liam Harvey, who I became very good friends with, and a researcher from Vancouver named Allison. A few more friends waited on shore, included the man in the photo attached – Will Plowright, also from BC.   It was a beautiful day, and there was certainly a warm energy and wonderful circumstances around the planting of the vase. In retrospect, I marvel at the power of that mission.”