Rwenzori Range
Vase planted by, June 9, 2015

“Planting peace vases in Uganda turned out to be more difficult than initially thought. Obtaining permission from government authorities would be a drawn out process, and travel in national parks is expensive and requires a full-time guide. In addition, there was always a danger that if people spotted a vase being buried in the earth, this would draw a crowd, may cause suspicion and involvement of police, and would probably lead to the vase being dug up in the hope of obtaining something precious. Therefore, Auser, a Ugandan national, and I decided to travel to the major gate of the Rwenzori National Park to obtain information about the Rwenzori Mountains and the national park.

We went on a bush walk just in the Rwenzori Range near the Muhinga Gate of the Rwenzori National Park, near Ruboni community, in western Uganda, near the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We had carried a fold-up spade and the peace vase in our backpack. When we found a suitable area that would not be likely to be destroyed by farming or in a swamp, we discreetly headed into the forest. We then dug a hole as quietly and deep as possible away from large trees, and about 20m from a local path and small track to the national park. Quietly, Auser said Muslim and I said Buddhist prayers that the vase would be safe and spread protection and harmony to the area, throughout Uganda and the world. We filled in the hole with dirt, and disguised the area of the digging with dead leaves and sticks.”