Lake Albert
Vase planted by Auser Muhamadi and Kimberley McClean, June 10, 2015

“It took two attempts to set the vase in cement due to poor quality of materials initially obtained. Finally, having successfully set the vase in fast-drying, water-proof cement in a bucket, Auser and I travelled to various locations in western Uganda to place peace vases. We selected the fishing village of Butiaba on the north-eastern shore of Lake Albert to try to place one vase. Having toured around the township, we decided to park our vehicle out of the town and walk back to where wooden fishing boats were pulled up on shore. After talking to various fishermen, Auser secured the assistance of 21-year old Isa and his younger brother to help us in dropping the vase in Lake Albert.

We were very discreet in getting the cemented vase into the large wooden boat, and only explained that the vase contained prayers and precious substances for the peace and harmony of Lake Albert and surrounding villages after we were already in deep waters. Isa joined Auser in prayers before dropping the bucket in water over 25m deep about 500m from shore. The boys’ only concern was that the vase not contain anything harmful to the local people, fish and lake environment. We made a contribution to Isa’s education fees before departing.”