Victoria Nile River
Vase planted by Auser Muhamadi and Kimberley McClean, June 9, 2015

“After spending over one day trying to find a suitable location in the Victoria Nile River in a several hundred kilometre stretch of the river between Karuma Bridge and Lake Victoria, we finally found a suitable spot, with local people who were willing to assist and who had access to a canoe at Bujagali, near the source of the river at Jinja. This area on the river was the previous site of the famous Bujagali Falls. However, the falls and surrounding areas were submerged in 2012 when the Bujagali Dam was concluded. Local people reported that with the construction of the dam, the ecosystem, particularly fisheries and bird life, were severely affected. In addition, the local people lost land, houses and most importantly the tourism revenue that had been generated by the falls and the excellent white water rafting in the area. They said that the “environment and local people were suffering”.

Two local rafters and fishermen, Zaidi and Tom, told us about the affect of the dam on the area of the river around Bujagali. We described the Peace Vase Project, showed them the vase and the website. We explained how we had set the vase in a bucket of cement so that it sunk quickly. They then agreed to assist us with a canoe. We took the canoe into the centre of the river, about 100m from the shore, at dusk. Tom, the local fisherman, and Auser lowered the cement-encased vase into the water after prayers were said. The vase was dropped into the area above the previous falls, where the water was about 80m deep.”