Glubokiy Yar, Bakhchisaray region and Cape Fiolent, Sebastopol region, Crimea peninsula
Vases planted by Elena Muliarova, Dmitriy Leontyev and Edem Muzhdabayev, March 16/17, 2014

“The first vase was planted in the village of Glubokiy Yar, in the Bakhchisaray region, Crimea peninsula, Ukraine. The place has historical importance for the Crimean Tatar people.   In the 14th-16th centuries, it was one of the residences of the Khans, rulers of the Crimean Tatars.   The vase was planted on the auspicious Day of Miracles (Chotrul Duchen) at the height of the Russian military intervention in Crimea.

The second vase was planted on Cape Fiolent which is situated between the second major city of Crimea – Sebastopol and Balaklava bay where naval military bases are. Both Sebastopol and Balaklava are targets of Russian military intervention of March 2014.”