United Arab Emirates

Vase planted by Barbara Elizabeth Stewart and Chris Weagle, May 2, 2015

“I planted this vase on the outskirts of Sharjah, in the desert area near where I teach. Chris Weagle, a fellow professor here, drove us around while we scouted out a spot that wasn’t landscaped within an inch of its life, that was out of sight of any passing joggers, security guards or Pizza Hut delivery guys, but also wasn’t so vacant and open that it was likely to be bulldozed later on for development. We went at night, under a nearly full moon – both for privacy and to avoid the blazing heat of a May midday here. We choose an un-landscaped spot by the university’s outer wall, as likely to be undisturbed for a long time. Our digging went surprisingly quickly, but then, it’s was pure sand. In the process, we unearthed a Giant Longhorn Beetle, which I see from google is both rare and one of the biggest species in the world. It was a good 3 inches long, with pinchers, and scuttled up the sand wall and away. Then I said the dedication of merit, and we drove off, in good moods.”