United Kingdom

Newport, Wales
Vase planted by Linda, Richard and Karen, April 30, 2000

“The day dawned warm and sunny.  The car was loaded in Frampton with Linda, myself and the official photographer, Karen as well as provisions, shovel and boots.  Our journey took us to the Ewincorn Forest Park.  Leaving the car in the valley, we walked past the lake where Ewincorn Colliery once stood, then up the steep tracks through the forest.   Everything was very fresh with spring growth.  Hundreds of shades of green penetrated the sunshine as did the sound of an army of birds nesting. We rose out of the trees and onto the steep slopes of Twmbarlwm with its iron age hill fort and medieval moat castle.

At the top, we looked out over Newport. We chose a spot just over the summit, visible to everyone in living in Newport (provided it’s not foggy!).  Besides us, the only other witnesses were the sheep.”