United Kingdom

St. David’s Head (Penmael Dewi), Wales
Vase planted by David Goodhart, Kate Pyper, Lisa Harley, Juno and Paul

“The burial was hard.  St. David’s Head is very hard.  Rocky.  We tried many sites but could not dig deeper than a few inches.  Solid rock!  The small valley there seemed to be too wet.  The day, however, was glorious.  But we became a little tense.  Eventually we came to a less dramatic location.  And we dug.  All was well.   We buried the vase, said prayers in a bit of hurry because we had to return.  In the car park, back in the car, sun roof down, our driver, the only non-Buddhist in the group, got shat on by a seagull.  We thought this might be auspicious!”