Virunga National Park, Rumangabo
Vase planted by Iain Patten, Lola Marquez, Julie Williams, María Laura Navarrete Gallardo and Victor Vilugrón on December 14th, 2017

The Virunga National Park has faced the most enormous challenges to protect the environment and all the beings that inhabit it from war, exploitation, and natural disasters. It contains not only one of the most varied ecosystems in the world but some of the most threatened species, including the last remaining mountain gorillas. Many have been killed in seeking to protect the park and its inhabitants from armed groups and oil companies seeking to exploit its resources, yet its rangers and all involved in taking care of the park remain committed to bringing harmony and wellbeing to everyone affected.

By placing a peace vase in the earth here, all involved made strong aspirations that it may be a source of healing and resolution of all the conflict that has continued to affect the region, and that prosperity and genuine wellbeing may soon prevail.