Egg Island
Vase placed by Sandra Diane Betts and Leandro Corrado Capocchi on January 26th, 2014

We left Melbourne, Australia and flew to Los Angeles, then across the USA to Miami. A few days later we flew from Miami to Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, where we joined our small ship, “The Island Sky”. We travelled on the Island Sky which put us ashore via zodiac rubber boats at Egg Island. The vase was placed underground, around midday to early afternoon, well above the tidal levels, amongst vegetation. The hole was dug using a trowel, supplied by crew on the Island Sky. Egg Island is currently believed to be the first land/Island where Columbus came ashore in ‘the new world’ on his voyage to the Americas.

Egg Island has no city and no towns. It is an uninhabited island, visited by local islanders who keep chickens there. We did not go ashore near the chickens. We went ashore on the West side of the Island.